Simonsbath House Hotel

This year Simonsbath House Hotel is pleased to host part of the Festival art exhibition, showing work by the successful photographer Steve Gunter, who won the Countryfile Winter Landscape Photographic Competition in 2015.

Simonsbath House, built in 1654 by the merchant, lawyer and philosopher James Boevey (1622-1696) was the first house built within the Royal Forest and stood alone until 1815. In 1819 the Royal Forest’s main allotments were auctioned to the highest bidder, John Knight of Worcestershire. The knight’s extensive impact on Simonsbath is planned to be the focus of the proposed redevelopment of The Old School in Simonsbath.

For information and bookings please telephone 01643 831259 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the website for Simonsbath House Hotel or the Simonsbath House Outdoor Centre.

Simonsbath SawmillThe Simonsbath Sawmill is a nationally significant building – one of very few estate sawmills with evidence of systems of power and contemporary sawbenches.

St Lukes through trees

St Luke's Church is the premier venue for events of the Simonsbath Festival.  The church has recently been renovated to create a welcoming and attractive performing space which is ideal for concerts and other events. With its excellent acoustics, St Luke's has already become a popular venue for professional and amateur concerts.